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Welcome to Louisville!

Choosing the right Court Reporter is critical for the success of your litigation. Kentuckiana Court Reporters is the oldest court reporting firm in Louisville, Kentucky. We provide an accurate, verbatim deposition transcript within any time frame requested. We set the standard followed by other court reporting firms in Louisville, Kentucky. Our unparalleled quality, personalized service and genuine understanding of our clients’ needs have made us the leader in the region’s court reporting industry. Kentuckiana Court Reporters is dedicated to assisting your litigation needs while you concentrate on your case. Our court reporters, videographers and in-house litigation support staff are available 24 hours a day to help you with your deposition needs and make your stay in Louisville go as smoothly as possible. Whether you need a ride from the airport, help choosing a hotel or even picking the most relaxing bourbon bar in Louisville, our court reporters will lend a hand.

Enjoy complimentary use of our conference rooms.

Enjoy complimentary use of our conference rooms.

Professional comfort.

Professional comfort.

We Are Located in the Heart of Downtown Louisville. Kentuckiana provides the premier conference rooms and videoconferencing suites in Louisville (not some rented business center). Our office is within walking distance of the courthouse, most Louisville law offices and numerous hotels such as the highly awarded, 21c Museum Hotel. Give us a call to help schedule your next visit to Louisville, Kentucky.


Your location:

Louisville Court Reporters, 730 West Main St., Louisville, Kentucky 40202, United States - Phone: 502-589-2273 Email: schedule@kentuckianareporters.com

Price Matters: Call us old fashioned, but we believe that the price of our services influences our customers’ buying decisions. Our Louisville court reporters offer the region’s best rates and fast turnaround times while refusing to compromise on quality. With a full service staff available 24 hours a day, our court reporting services are simply better, faster, and less expensive than any others offered in the Kentucky market.

Innovation Matters: Kentuckiana Court Reporters  is the largest and oldest full-service court reporting firm in Louisville. For over 35 years, we have established a reputation as being the first to embrace the new technologies and tools that leading law firms and their clients need to ensure optimal results.  Kentuckiana Reporters is the name in Louisville court reporting.

Meet Our Louisville Court Reporters:

Louisville court reporters and videographer

Bekah McDonner – President

Maggie is a court reporter and videographer in our Louisville, KY office

Maggie Leisy – Louisville Court Reporters

Julie Lunn is a stenographer and court reporter

Julie Lunn – Louisville Stenographer

Ashley Hardin is a Louisville court reporters

Ashley Hardin – Louisville Court Reporters

Keira is a Louisville court reporter and proofreader

Keira Polywka – Louisville Court Reporters

Bobbie Cole is an experienced Louisville court reporter

Bobbie Cole – Louisville Court Reporters

Meet McKenzie Dadisman one of our Louisville Court Reporters

McKenzie Dadisman – Louisville Court Reporters


Louisville Court Reporters like Cassie Hack do an outstanding job at depositions

Cassie Hack – Louisville Court Reporter

Meghan Hale is our newest Louisville court reporter

Meghan Hale – Louisville Court Reporters

Hannah Lowdermilk, Louisville Court Reporter

Hannah Lowdermilk, Louisville Court Reporters

Louisville digital court reporter

Amanda Becerra, Louisville Court Reporters

Louisville court reporting is Maristela's specialty.

Maristela Spiegel – Louisville Court Reporters

Vanessa Scott - Louisville Court Reporter

Vanessa Scott – Louisville Court Reporters

About Louisville, Kentucky: 

Louisville is the largest city in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. In 2010, Louisville was the 16th-most populous city in theUnited States. Louisville is best known as the location of the Kentucky Derby, the first of the three annual races that make up the Triple Crown of Thoroughbred Racing. The city has also become the bourbon capital of the world with over 40% of the world’s distilling, warehousing and bourbon management located within Louisville. It is the home of the University of Louisville and three of Kentucky’s six Fortune 500 companies. Louisville International Airport is also the site of UPS‘s worldwide air hub. Louisville is also home to the world’s greatest court reporters. Since 2003, the city’s borders have been coterminous with those of Jefferson County because of a city-county merger. The city’s total consolidated population at the 2010 census was 741,096. However, the balance total of 602,011 excludes other incorporated places and semi-autonomous towns within the county and is the population listed in most sources and national rankings. As of the 2012, the Louisville metropolitan area (MSA) had a population of 1,334,872 ranking 42nd nationally. The metro area includes Louisville-Jefferson County and 12 surrounding counties, eight in Kentucky and four in Southern Indiana. The Louisville Combined Statistical Area, having a population of 1,451,564, includes the MSA, Hardin County and Larue County in Kentucky, and Scott County, Indiana. We have meticulously combed through  those 1,451,564 residents to find the 20 best Louisville court reporters in the city.

Louisville Legal Links

Louisville Bar Assocation

Louisville Weather

Louisville Metro Government

Louisville Events

University of Louisville

Louisville/Jefferson County Office of the Circuit Court Clerk

Louisville/Jefferson County Civil Circuit Court

More About Us:

Kentuckiana Court Reporters is the premier Louisville Kentucky court reporting and legal video deposition firm. We provide every technological advantage in your discovery efforts. We are leaders on the forefront of qualitative and technological advances in court reporting services , providing cutting-edge, high caliber litigation reporting. We are among the best in the business, courteous, and experienced in all phases of litigation. We are setting the standard for quality and professionalism in the legal field. Kentuckiana is family-owned and operated with full-time administrative personnel, certified court reporters and certified legal videographers . We have built a reputation on the quality and professionalism of our deposition and legal video services . Our experienced staff, with over 80 years combined years at Kentuckiana, is dedicated to delivering a personalized service that is unparalleled in the court reporting and legal video deposition industry. Our primary goal is your satisfaction. When you decide to work with Kentuckiana, you gain the stability of a firm known throughout the legal and court reporting and legal video industries for reliability, quality and experience.


Telephone: 502-589-2273 / 877-808-5856 Fax: 502-584-0119

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