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Maintaining consistency and quality, our Louisville  legal videography department  keeps a team of Legal Videographers in-house at all times. These Legal Video Specialists are well trained and understand the rules of conduct to be followed while taping or editing a video deposition. We produce trial-ready video depositions every single day. When it comes to having a high quality and professional video, experience matters.

Let’s face it; today, anyone that owns a camcorder thinks they can videotape depositions. The fact of the matter though, is they do not have the experience, knowledge, certifications and proper equipment to do it correctly.

Too often we hear horror stories of attorneys coming to trial and finding out the video of their $600.00 per hour expert has no sound. Your focus during a deposition should be on the next question rather then worrying if your video camera has adequate storage remaining.

The videographers at Kentuckiana Reporters use only high-end professional equipment and we know the strict legal requirements of the courts.

Ask us about our video streaming options. We can stream your depositions in real time to unlimited locations. With video streaming, you full legal team and experts can monitor the deposition from anywhere in the world.

Kentuckiana Reporters’ sets the standard for legal videography in Louisville:

  • The largest in-house video department in the city.
  • Depositions on DVD in realtime.
  • Videotape editing.
  • The highest-end equipment for recording your depositions.
  • All video depositions recorded directly to DVD for highest quality.
  • Video files can be delivered as .jpg, .avi, .mpg or any format you request.
  • All video depositions backed up and held at Kentuckiana Reporters in case of emergency.
  • Video conversions to DVD & CD-ROM.
  • Synchronized Video/Text.
  • Fully compatible with Trial Director, Sanction, Summation and other trial presentation software.

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