Court Reporters Who Understand Customer Service

A recent poll of American CEOs found that mediocre service is the new standard in most customer service industries. It seems that there is a trend across industries that places more importance on getting customers to return than getting customers to leave happy. Said another way, many industries are focused on making sure that the customer is “satisfied” as opposed to “blown away”. Our concern is that court reporters have fallen into the same habit of delivering “satisfactory” rather than “exceptional” service.

What Does It Mean To Provide Exceptional Court Reporting Service?

Believe it or not, there is sometimes a disconnect between court reporters and attorneys as to what it means to provide exceptional customer service. Our informal polling found that most court reporters believe that “delivery of an accurate transcript” is the most important part of their job. Attorneys, on the other hand, expect nothing less than an accurate transcript. In other words, attorneys are merely satisfied if they are provided with an accurate transcript. Of course, the attorneys are correct, an accurate transcript should be the minimum provided by court reporters. It takes more to deliver exceptional customer service.

Our court reporters try harder.

Our court reporters try harder.


We have found that the accessibility of our court reporters is critical to providing exceptional customer service. Accessibility means that attorneys can call our office and speak directly to a scheduling manager, a court reporter or a production specialist. If an attorney needs a copy of a transcript, they need to be able to locate the transcript as quickly as possible. Leaving a message on an answering machine is not an acceptable option for an attorney facing a filing deadline.

Ten out of ten attorneys do NOT want to leave a message.

Ten out of ten attorneys do NOT want to leave a message.

Many of our clients reside in California and occasionally travel to Louisville for depositions. Of course, California is three hours behind Kentucky. This means that an attorney from California who calls at 4:00 PST is actually calling at 7:00 EST. Due to the time differences, we make sure to have someone available to answer calls and emails 24 hours a day. Small firms often fail to have the staffing in place to answer after-hours calls. The last thing an attorney should have to worry about is whether their court reporter will actually be at their next deposition.


Exceptional customer service means being flexible. We have heard many attorneys complain that they have to schedule their depositions around their court reporter’s calendar! We have hired a large staff of court reporters who can cover depositions at any time, on any day and at any location in Kentucky. If the only time your expert is available is 10 pm on a Saturday night, we will be there (and have been there). Kentuckiana Court Reporters believes that attorneys and their staff should be in charge of the deposition process. Just tell us when and where to go and we will be there!

Maybe our court reporters aren't this flexible but you get the point.

Maybe our court reporters aren’t this flexible but you get the point.


Whatever happened to the old fashioned importance of being on time? We have heard of attorneys being forced to wait up to an hour for their court reporter to arrive. We know this is true because the attorneys eventually called us in as a replacement. We believe that being “on time” means arriving at a deposition at least 30 minutes early. Look, some experts charge upwards of $500 per hour. No matter how great your expert is, you do not want to pay $250 to drink coffee with them while waiting on a court reporter. Individually, our reporters are always on time. Moreover, we always have court reporters on standby in case you need to schedule a last minute deposition. The bottom line is that we make it out business to wait on you (not the other way around).

Waiting for court reporters is the third leading cause of death for attorneys.

Waiting for court reporters is the third leading cause of death for attorneys.

At Kentuckiana Court Reporters, we are striving to bring customer service back to the Louisville court reporting industry. When you schedule our court reporters, you can be sure that we will answer the phone, schedule the deposition around your schedule and show-up early. Give us a try and let us deliver exceptional court reporting service.






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